The SOTACIB White cement CEM I 52.5N is geared towards demanding applications, offering no compromise on performance.

Its homogeneity and stability are particularly appreciated by our clients.

With a whiteness of 85% and a clarity of more than 93%, SOTACIB White cement CEM I 52.5N allows the full range of esthetic and architectural applications.


Packaging & Logistics:

Several formats are available for this product including:

  • Bagged 50kg, 40kg or 25kg, Kraft or plastic (PP)
  • Bigbag : 1.25T or 2.0T
  • Shrink-wrapped packs 1.7T, 1.95T or 2.2T, with optional sling and/or palettization
  • Bulk: silo trucks, or cargo vessels of up to 4000T

Please contact our sales department and will do our best to find the appropriate logistics solution for your needs.


A wide range of applications are possible

  • Asthénique concrète structures
  • Prefabricated concrete element: precast panels, moldings, window and door sols, stairs; columns, garden furniture and decoration
  • Flooring: paving stones, mosaic tiles, terrazzo flooring, cast in place pavement
  • Dry mix products: cement glues, mortars, screeds …

The SOTACIB White cement CEM I 52.5N conforms to the following norms:

  • Tunisian Norm NT 47.01
  • European Norm EN 197-1
  • American Standards ASTM C150

For further information or to obtain the technical specification please contact us.