• Our history

    Born out the collaboration between Tunisian and Algerian governments, the Société Tuniso-Andalouse de Ciment Blanc – SOTACIB, commissioned its first production line 1987 with a production capacity of 200 000 tons of white clinker. Over continuous improvements, this production line reached 300 000tons of annual capacity in order to satisfy the growing demand for its products

    In 2006, management of the company has moved to the private sector. As of 2008, a majority of shares are held by CEMENTOS MOLINS group from Spain with the participation of other contributing shareholders from Tunisia.

    CEMENTOS MOLINS, based in Barcelona, Spain, is a renowned cement company founded in 1928. CEMENTOS MOLINS group operations are in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Bangladesh, Colombia and Tunisia, . The Group has over 4000 employees around the world and combined net sales of 0.75 Billion EUR in 2015. CEMENTOS MOLINS business is built, amongst others, on the basis of Technological knowledge, quality of products, culture of work and effort, respect for the environment, integration of sustainability in all the processes and appropriate care for people.

    The increasing demand for it products has motivated SOTACIB to build a second production line which went into production in 2009, raising its production capacity to over 650 000 tons per year for white clinker.

    Today, SOTACIB is a modern company equipped with latest technological innovations for cement production, product quality control, emission reduction and monitoring, and IT systems.

    With our management system is ISO 9001:2008 compliant, and fully customer oriented, SOTACIB is serving customers from all over the world with over 60% of our turnover.



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  • Our Misson, Our values

    Our mission is to create value for all our stake holders:

    For our clients, whose satisfaction is our daily objective

    For our people, whose skills and motivation allow us to aim for excellence and who make our successes

    For our society, for who we shall all try contributing to its development.

    For our shareholders who trust us and provide the means to reach our goals

    In Our work procedures, our projects, our action plans, and in our day to day business, we must respect three basic principles: Safety, Integrity, and Performance.

    Safety: Our people are the foundation of our company. SOTACIB shall provide all means necessary to reach and maintain a zero-accident record. Our employees shall put in place all required actions, training programs, procedures, prep work in order to satisfy this goal.

    Integrity: Whether with clients, supplier or any stakeholder (internal or extern) , trust is build on integrity which leads to durable and mutually constructive relationships.

    Performance: Aiming for excellence is a daily business. Actions, small or big, individual or group, should always aim for increasingly better goals.

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  • Our Commitements

    → Offer products and services that meet and exceed expectations

    → Provide an enabling environment for our people

    → Contribute to building a better world

    → Create value for our shareholders


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